A marriage without the will of the girl cannot be maintained, Lahore High Court


LAHORE: A marriage without the consent of the girl cannot be maintained, this has been said in the decision pronounced by Justice Abid Hussain Chatta of Lahore High Court.

In Punjab, it is mandatory to sign the affidavit of Khatm Nabubat for marriage

After ten years of legal battle, the Lahore High Court accepted the appeal of the woman to annul the fake marriage and gave a verdict on the appeal against the harassment of the woman by creating a fake marriage certificate. Also declared null and void.

Justice Abid Hussain has written in his decision that the boy has to give proof that the marriage has taken place with the will of the woman or not.

Justice Abid Hussain Chatta of Lahore High Court issued a 9-page written decision on the petition filed by the woman, in which it was written that according to the petitioner, in 2012, the petitioner started blackmailing the woman by creating a fake marriage certificate. According to the alleged husband also gave verbal divorce in Bhari Panchayat.

Forced marriage, bride reaches police station instead of in-laws

It is recorded in the judgment that according to the petitioner, when she got married, the alleged husband filed a marriage case, according to the petitioner approached the trial court, the subordinate court rejected the claim of annulment of marriage.
The woman clearly stated in her statement that she never married the alleged husband.

The Lahore High Court has written in the judgment that the woman’s story is simple that the alleged husband prepared a fake marriage certificate to harass her. According to the woman, when she performed the original marriage, her parents were present. Due to recession.

Young girl recovered at the time of marriage

Justice Abid Hussain Chatta has written in his written judgment that it is clear that the alleged marriage was arranged under the whole plan, it is not possible to uphold the decision of the trial court after the interpretation of the laws in the Supreme Court, the alleged husband has verbally divorced. After one year, a case was filed against the woman again for marriage.

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