A large population of the world may be deaf!


On the one hand, modern technology has brought with it a lot of conveniences and comforts, but there is no shortage of harms that come with it, after the constant use of screens has damaged the eyesight, now experts have indicated another danger.

According to a systematic review recently published in BMJ Global Health, a large number of young people listen to music at high volume through unsafe means such as headphones and digital music players, which is causing progressive hearing loss. Is.

It should be noted that this music mentions special pumping beats, this type of music is quite popular among the youth.

Pumping tunes could put 1.35 billion young people worldwide at risk of hearing loss, according to the analysis.

The review analyzed 33 hearing-related studies conducted between 2000 and 2021, involving more than 19,000 people aged 12 to 34 years.

The study used the term unsafe listening to define levels above 80 decibels as well as listening duration of more than 40 hours per week.

That is, a person who listens to music at a volume above 80 decibels for 40 hours a week has adopted an unsafe way of listening to music.

The study confirmed that the rate of unsafe listening practices was higher among teenagers and young adults, with 23.81 percent of them listening to music from personal devices at unsafe levels, while 48.2 percent of them were listening to loud entertainment. Listening to music from places like concerts etc.

Estimated after such a large population had been exposed to music in an unsafe manner, the results were staggering: 1.35 billion young people worldwide are at risk of hearing loss.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that more than 430 million people worldwide already suffer from hearing loss and that the prevalence could double if hearing loss prevention is not prioritized.

How can listening to loud music damage hearing?

Loud noise, including music, can destroy the hair cells and membranes in the inner ear.

Once the hearing is lost, a person can neither hear nor understand the sounds around them until a complete and satisfactory cure has been discovered.

Surprisingly, loud noise can cause hearing loss without causing any pain in the ear and the hearing gradually decreases.

If after listening to loud music, the ears start ringing or some kind of sounds start coming, then know that this is an alarm bell, the damage it will cause will be permanent and cannot be repaired.

Take some steps to prevent hearing loss or loss, such as listening to music at low volume and for short periods of time, turning the volume down on speakers instead of headphones, and away from speakers if going to a concert. Stay and use earmuffs or earplugs to prevent hearing damage.

More and more cellphones are now coming with software that not only monitors safe listening levels, but also alerts you to damage at increased volume.


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