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53 bags full of human remains found in Mexico


Mexico City, November 22 (SO News/Agency) 53 bags full of human remains have been found in Mexico since the end of October and experts are trying to identify them. In recent months, gang clashes in the industrial city of Guanajuato. About 300 people have also died.

According to German media, Babiana Mendoza is at the site of an exhumation of remains from a grave not far from where an international arts festival is underway in Guanajuato province, known for its prosperity, culture and sectarian conflict.

Mendoza, 32, is searching for his missing brother. They learned that some people in Erapuato, Guanajuato, had seen a dog with a human hand in its mouth. Mendoza is a founding member of an organization dedicated to finding missing persons.

She says, “People from all over the world have come here to celebrate the Karavantiv Festival but we are digging to find the bodies, but I think it’s probably futile because some people are looking for more bodies elsewhere.” They will be pressed into the ground.

Mendoza says that a group of forensic experts have recovered 53 bags full of human remains since late October and are trying to identify them.

Guanajuato, home to the factories of foreign automobile companies such as Toyota, Honda and General Motors, has seen the bodies of nearly 300 victims of gang violence found in similar circumstances in recent months.

According to official data, Irapuato, located an hour away from the state capital Guanajuato, is the second most unsafe area.

Guanajuato is the most violent province in Mexico where different groups fight each other for dominance.

According to official data, more than 2,400 murders took place here between January and September this year, which is about 10 percent of the national figure.

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